The Villa Hotel – Unawatuna – Sri Lanka

The Villa Hotel - Unawatuna


Wedding In Style

Do your wedding in style, Ride with the love elephant and get blessing from nature and the “Lord Buddha“. We offer two types of weddings – “Beach weddings” and “Sri Lankan Cultural Weddings“. We have the full package to cover all your needs. Also we have special hotels, local accommodation, transport and air ticket rates for your family and friends.

Sri Lanka has ranked as one of the top ten romantic destinations in the world. Plus having your wedding in Sri Lanka is going to be different and you will be saving a lot. 

Marrying away from home amidst an exotic surrounding is no longer an exclusive realm of European celebrities and millionaires. “Destination Weddings” are becoming increasingly popular in Sri Lanka due to visiting and local couples looking to add a sense of magic to their wedding ceremony. Destination weddings could be of any sort, from a simple private ceremony between the couple, to a small ceremony in a romantic destination with family and a few close friends, again to a more elaborate, large destination wedding with a large group of family and friends. What matters is that a sense of “magical getaway” is created – even if it is not too far from home. 

A simple ceremony of colorful rituals and vows, rows of Lighten Oil Lamps, threads of fragrant white jasmine flowers draped over a garden wedding arch. Simple and Stylish… and more! 

Alternatively a Traditional Sri Lankan style wedding will overwhelm you with exotic Kandyan dancers, drummers and a rite of ancient Buddhist rituals and kind blessings. Begin your new life, lighting the lamp together and relax as we take you to a private beach, where for auspicious good luck, you can invite a caparisoned elephant for a sunset beach ride and enjoy chilled champagne served on the sands as the Indian Ocean sips away the setting sun on ‘your day’.

Our Wedding Packages Includes

  • Romantic Boat Ride
  • Theme wedding of your choice
  • Unique locations
  • “Poruwa” with flowers
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Garland & Buttonhole for bridegroom
  • Lighting the giant oil lamp
  • Vintage car rides/ Rickshaw rides from the colonial era
  • Personalized wedding invitation
  • Wedding coordinator and information room
  • Photographs (24no.’s – 8″x12″)
  • CD ROM of the ceremony and DVD on request
  • Elephant to greet couple at the beginning of ceremony
  • Traditional wedding costumes of your choice
  • Bridal dressing
  • Hair and make up
  • Traditional blessing sung by a village choir
  • Kandy dancers & drummers
  • Registration and translation of marriage certificate ( 01 day Translation service)
  • Sri Lankan Traditional Festival Meal
  • Exclusive lobster dinner under the stars
  • Romantic champagne breakfast overlooking the Indian ocean
  • Spa treatment for the couple prior to the wedding

Generally required Documents for getting married in Sri Lanka

  • A letter from the parish priest of both the bride and groom [if church ceremony is required].
  • Birth certificates of both parties.
  • Father’s names of both parties.
  • Father’s occupation of both parties.
  • Bride’s and groom’s occupations.
  • Affidavit by both parties [separately] claiming that they are single and free to marry.[any notary could do this].
  • If previously married, divorced certificates.
  • Copies of the passport of both parties.
  • It is usually necessary that the couple should be in the country for more than 3 weeks before marriage.